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My feature article about the Battle of Gettysburg exhibit in town is now online. I could have written another few thousand words about the scavenging that went on after the battle, the gruesome guided tours of the land, and the pure wretchedness of it all, but then it wouldn’t have been a newspaper article. I had no idea I could find this so interesting. It was a pleasant surprise.

Battle Road Trail

It’s been nine months since we moved to Massachusetts and some days I still am in awe of the history surrounding us and in all directions. Don’t get me wrong, some days I’m also completely immune to it. Another stone wall rambling alongside the road? Snooze. An old garrison from the Revolutionary War just sitting there 6 feet from the road? Yawn. But some days, and Wednesday was one of them, I am speechless and completely enthralled. Wednesday, I decided to take advantage of more good weather (and an extended preschool day) and drive the 15 minutes to Concord so Prairie and I could walk a portion of the Battle Road Trail. The Battle Road Trail runs five miles, winding through the farmland, woods, and wetlands between Concord and Lexington. More specifically, it is also the route the British took from Boston into Concord to seize munitions stored by colonists. On April 19, 1775 after the brief battle at the

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