Great Brook Farm State Park

We’ve been living in Carlisle for almost 9 months so it’s time to get off the couch and explore. The weather being perfect right now doesn’t hurt either – 60s or low 70s and cool. The dog and I decided to explore Great Brook Farm State Park for an hour or so. Parking is $2 unless you are just going to the snack barn at which point you can park free for 30 minutes. There is a working dairy farm on the property so yes, there is even homemade ice cream. I think the sign this morning said 62 flavors and it’s supposed to be good, but that will be for another day. I decided to buy an annual pass at the automated machine for $35 for Massachusetts residents, which will force me to bring the dog often for walks. It also forces me to finally get a state driver’s license so I can show it at a Department of

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