The Woodchuck Trail and Garrison Loop

Yesterday called for a short hike on the Woodchuck trail and Garrison loop in Great Brook Farm State Park. Even with the light rain, it was a beautiful and easy hike. We parked near the canoe launch and walked across the road to the  Woodchuck trailhead to find some historical spots for my daughter’s school project located along the trail. After passing the site of an old dam, our first historic stop was the remains of some kind of Colonial stone garrison. Fairly close by was an Indian grinding stone,  that appears to have been intentionally destroyed. Looking at the stone you can see that holes were drilled down its length and at a depth almost reaching its bottom, splitting it in half and to its base. Finally we ended up at the site of the old grist mill. Not a bad 60 minutes.

Monday Morning Without the Blues

Another beautiful day here in Massachusetts and another trip to Great Brook Farm State Park with the dog. Only 15 more trips and that season pass will start paying for itself! Walking the dog and getting exercise while also getting a chance to take nature photographs is working out. But I’ve learned a few things in the last few days about my camera and taking photographs while tethered to the dog. Now that the sun is back out consistently, I really need to find the Nikon sun shade that came with the wide angle lens.

Great Brook Farm State Park

We’ve been living in Carlisle for almost 9 months so it’s time to get off the couch and explore. The weather being perfect right now doesn’t hurt either – 60s or low 70s and cool. The dog and I decided to explore Great Brook Farm State Park for an hour or so. Parking is $2 unless you are just going to the snack barn at which point you can park free for 30 minutes. There is a working dairy farm on the property so yes, there is even homemade ice cream. I think the sign this morning said 62 flavors and it’s supposed to be good, but that will be for another day. I decided to buy an annual pass at the automated machine for $35 for Massachusetts residents, which will force me to bring the dog often for walks. It also forces me to finally get a state driver’s license so I can show it at a Department of

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