A Little Jab’ll Do Ya!

What’s your last name? Coombs. Spell it. C-O-O-M as in Mary – B as in Boy – S as in Sam. Coombs. That’s a weird name… Okay… Yesterday, I drove into Boston for my first Covid-19 shot at the Hynes Convention Center. As someone who’s stayed pretty isolated this past year, I was relieved andContinue reading “A Little Jab’ll Do Ya!”

Homeschooling: your mileage may vary

This essay was published in the local newspaper on April 1. Nearly four years ago, I removed my kids from public school and, with the help of an experienced and local homeschooling friend, created an education plan for the following academic year. That summer was spent acquiring textbooks, magazine subscriptions, elementary and middle school mathContinue reading “Homeschooling: your mileage may vary”