Happy New Year

I’m never one for making resolutions on the eve of a new year. It seems like you should always try to move forward and do things that make you happy rather than scheduling meaningful life changes for one time of year or the first few months of a new year. Besides, I never seem to follow through with them when I have made resolutions and that seems as good a reason as any not to continue. Even my resolution to not make any more resolutions clearly had a shelf life or this post wouldn’t exist. Why should this year be any different? Well, for whatever reason it just is. This year seems different in ways I cannot pinpoint so I think a resolution is in order. For 2013 I resolve to be more resolute in my follow through. I’m not saying what it is I’m going to follow through with because it doesn’t really matter nor can I even begin

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2012 in Pictures

The year is rapidly coming to a close. It’s been twelve months of delicious chaos with a multitude of kid activities; home repairs; our first time selling a house; moving across the country with two kids and a giant (and stinky) dog; finding a rental; Ben starting a new job; me finding a new hobby or career (we’ll see which way it goes); the kids starting new schools and navigating a new town with new friends; and worrying about everything that could have gone wrong along the way, but thankfully didn’t at least as far as I can tell. Who knows what 2013 will have in store for us, but here’s to hoping our luck continues to hold. Happy New Year!

Heirloom Spiders

Slowly getting used to our 292 year old house in the forest.  Little things like window blinds and Target and IKEA storage make things surprisingly reassuring.  The newness distracts me from the occasional squishy floorboard I sink into and the various wood and old smoke smells throughout the house.  The weird little window screens that we prop inside the windows are now only letting in half the bugs they were a week ago.  As a result, the moths are no longer flying directly into my forehead while I lay in the bed reading by the glow of my iPhone.  The urge to launder the bedding with DEET has passed with fewer morning mosquito bite discoveries.  The kids have finally discovered the yard with meandering paths, rock walls, old wells, and ferns.  I am slowly letting go of the fear that they will be crushed by the steel cage of a speeding Volvo which leaves room for the new fear of

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