[NOTE: My kids and I started a summer writing challenge: using a word or general theme to create some piece of writing each week. My 10-year-old suggested, “pineapple” and the following is my contribution.] Wendy didn’t remember when it started. She only knew the story, one that her family liked to tell to just aboutContinue reading “Pineapples”

Video Snacking

~ My kids don’t care for Sesame Street, but I’m nostalgic for that theme song. And while I’m more of a Jimmy Kimmel fan than Jimmy Fallon,  this particular clip made me smile. The Roots and muppets playing simple instruments (and rapping!)? What’s not to like?

Video Snacking

~ Convos with my Two Year Old, Season 2, Episode 1 (as I chant, “please don’t jump the shark, please don’t jump the shark”…)

Living in History

We have officially passed the one year mark in our Massachusetts house and have signed a lease for another 12 months.  Not a week goes by where I don’t miss the relative luxury we lived in while in Northern Colorado, but it’s getting better. If Colorado was my fat pants in terms of mind-numbing comfortContinue reading “Living in History”

Video Snacking

Prefunerale Luigi Virgillito  from Ground’s Oranges on Vimeo. ~ A pre-funeral celebration, parodying 18th birthday vanity videos popular in Southern Italy.  And now that I’ve seen a few of those pre-diciottesimo videos this is so much better in every possible way.  It’s weird, has great imagery, and shows that Americans haven’t cornered the market on narcissism in aContinue reading “Video Snacking”

I’ve Got a Breaking Bad Habit

Breaking Bad as American Gothic by Milbo. I’ve gone on a full blown Netflix bender over the last few days, staying up to nearly 1 AM each morning in my attempt to squeeze every possible episode of Breaking Bad into the shortest amount of time possible.  It’s a good thing I just gave the show aContinue reading “I’ve Got a Breaking Bad Habit”