I’ll give you my ice cream when you pry it from my cold, chubby hands

New England really is crazy about its ice cream. I was reminded of that this past weekend driving along the North Shore and passing one independent shop after another, each with its own long lines and loyal customers. While we are partial to our local and delicious Kimball Farm ice cream, the other day IContinue reading “I’ll give you my ice cream when you pry it from my cold, chubby hands”

Flatbread Company

Some days I’m so unmotivated to cook. Okay, some weeks I’m so unmotivated to cook. Thankfully we now live around really good and consistent restaurants that are both kid-friendly and delicious to both minor and adult palates. Last night we indulged in pizzas from the Flatbread Company in Bedford. The restaurant is funky, has aContinue reading “Flatbread Company”

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Yesterday it was Coffee Oreo. And while I had ordered an adult small, I still ended up with a pint of homemade ice cream shoved into paper cup. The kids both got kid-sized servings, but they weren’t considerable smaller than what I received. Out of the dozens of flavors offered at Kimball Farm here inContinue reading “We All Scream for Ice Cream”

Lobster Hut

I’m sure there will come a day I can make the 90 minute trip to Plymouth without stopping at my beloved Lobster Hut to buy a clam strip roll and onion rings, but yesterday was not that day. Having eaten at this place off and on for 30 plus years I can say it stillContinue reading “Lobster Hut”