K-dramas or bust

My 11 and 14 year old daughters turned me on to Korean dramas back in early January; it was inevitable I suppose given their love of Korean music. Since then – as we navigate this “new normal” we all live in – our family has turned to them for nightly escape, either watching shows on Netflix or Viki (free account).

While the series we’ve watched include comedy, action, mystery, drama, sci-fi, and fantasy, the overarching theme is romance. We swoon nightly and it has helped a lot.

When we’re finally able to resume some semblance of our former lives, figuring out a way to get us to Seoul is item number one on my bucket list. If I’ve learned nothing else since the beginning of 2020, control over our own lives is but an illusion and the best laid plans shouldn’t be too far off.


Having possession of an alien artifact will bring you back to life, but in a different body. You will then fall in love.

Legend of the Blue Sea

Do you like action? Romance? History? Mermaids? Comedy? Men’s outerwear? If so, this swoon-worthy fantasy rom/com will check all the boxes. My 14 year old is now a big fan of Lee Minho. Me too.

The Heirs (in US, The Inheritors)

Another Lee Minho indulgence featuring a high school romance across classes.

My Holo Love

A woman’s romance with an AI in the form of a personal hologram. Really.

Strong Woman Do Bong Song

Incredibly silly and weird. But also featuring a psychotic serial killer?

Crash Landing on You

Who knew the N Korea/S Korea conflict could be a vehicle for escapism and romance?

Memories of the Alhambra

A tech CEO discovers he can’t escape an augmented reality game. This series also stars Hyun Bin (from Crash Landing on You).

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

A delightful series about a female weightlifter who struggles with her love of sport and her desire to be seen as a woman (and what that means).

Itaewon Class

An ex con who tries to make a go of his new pub in a trendy district of Seoul. This is my all time favorite, and was originally a webtoon.

Happy viewing!

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Freelance writer

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