Printed, matted, and framed

I hadn’t stopped to think how big 12″x18″ would really be when I placed a printing order last week for two of my photographs. Now that they are matted and framed, however, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve taken up the entire gallery wall outside of my studio.

There are probably upwards of 45,000 digital images on my computer. The bulk of them are of my kids, with my first child taking a decided lead. Over her first two years, there are dozen photos taken each day as a testament to her existence. You can almost use them as a sundial.

My second child? Well, she has substantially less and with large gaps during the same time period, but, as I keep my iPhoto contents to myself and will instruct someone to purge the files at the time of my death, that’s nothing she needs to know.

Even though printing is pretty inexpensive these days, I never print photographs unless it’s for a school project or some are sent to grandparents. Mostly, my photos stay in digital form and end up on Facebook or, if they are not of my children, they go on here.

But now that I have this studio and its many walls? I’m slowly making my way through the files and pulling out candidates for printing, just not at this size again.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a way to sell some during Open Studios next month.

Photos (from left to right): Channel marker, Mt. Desert Island, ME | Waters surrounding Mt. Desert Island, ME

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