Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show, 2016

Back when we were dating, my husband and I first went to the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles show. We spent hours strolling up and down the street and in and out of the tents looking for things that “spoke” to us. BrimfieldFair2016 3
We acquired an enormous porcelain industrial glove mold, an old glass hospital paper cup dispenser, and a metal View-Master projector. They are some of our favorites possessions and we’ve moved them back and forth across the country on a number of occasions.

BrimfieldFair2016 1

Last year we took the kids for the first time. They were not impressed and they were audibly hot, which made for a pretty quick visit. I did end up with an old library card catalogue, so the trip wasn’t a complete waste. We decided to try again this year. While it wasn’t as hot, it was still hot and within minutes I realized my judgement had not improved:  (my) children and hunting for weird things in the sun wasn’t going to be as fun as I had hoped.BrimfieldFair2016 2

Some deep fried tater tots, corndogs, and lemonade gave everyone a brief boost, allowing time to acquire a piece of art for our revamped garden. Given that we spent three months fixing it up and removing unimaginable amounts of scrap metal and car parts, the recycled goat seemed appropriate. My youngest even managed to barter her purchase of a 20 year old Breyer horse and learn a thing or two about horse collectibles.BrimfieldFair2016 6

As we drove out of town we spotted a roadside shop that specialized in remnants from old amusement park rides and made for a great place to take some photographs.

Who knows. When the fair rolls around again in September maybe we’ll give it another go with the kids.


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One thought on “Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show, 2016

  1. Love the article and your photos which are bright and weird showing what Brimfield is all about. My favorite is the rooster and of course your Honda goat. Keep up the writing!


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