3 Going on 30*

We figured, on her 3rd birthday, it was time to show the dog where steak comes from.

* I used to think that each dog year was the equivalent of 7 human years, but it would seem that school of thought has evolved. A more accurate measurement it turns out is to look at the specific breed and its particular life span. You then have to adjust for the aging process itself since I also learned that dogs age faster in the first few years before it starts to slow.

While all of that is mildly interesting to me, what I still can’t believe is that I know my dog’s actual birthday. That about sums up how things have gentrified during my 43 years.

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3 thoughts on “3 Going on 30*

  1. I too now know my dog’s birthday! I think this is the 1st dog I’ve had where I do know – I did go to the breeder myself – whereas the other dogs in my family have all just arrived or it never mattered much. We keep saying the old collie is about 8 – but he must be around 13 by now. My dog is turning 3 in a week – she is a Chihuahua and they can live to be 18, I’ve heard. My Doberman lived to 13 and their average age is around 10 I think.
    Aren’t they like us? Some people age differently.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree. I’ve had a lot of pets, but they were either adopted ad hoc or from a shelter and we guessed on age. This time around we went to a breeder too. I think Goldens live to 10 or 12, but I’ve met a few quite a bit older and still in good shape. I would love it if my aging slowed down as I got older… Happy Birthday to your dog!


      1. For us – Slowing down aging would be nice. I have noticed time has sped up a lot – maybe as we age we don’t seem as long as it really is. Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂


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