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1862 Currency

I love stories like this. A town spending money on a salary analysis that costs as much as the salary increase – they ended up approving! Fantastic. If only I got to write about such things, but not in an article rife with spelling errors,

Photo Credits: “Private Issue Fractional Currency: Fifteen Cents, Boston, Oct. 4, 1862, issued by YOUNG’S HOTEL/15 in red on blank reverse. 97 x 57mm. ” –(catalog of Malter Galleries, “World Coins and Paper Currency Auction,” Monday, June 10th, 2002). Found on Wikimedia Commons.

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One thought on “New England News

  1. Thanks for article – it was difficult getting through the long, drawn out article with all the errors. Writer must have been paid by the word for it could have been made briefer.


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