What I Wanted to Eat vs What I Ate: Day 22

Today will forever be known as Mango Monday. The day I not only fell off the diet wagon, but then was run over by it over and over and over and over again, all while stuffing my face with Mango Cremes.

I had made it to day twenty-two without any sugar – a major feat for a sugar addict like myself. And I’m not just any old sugar addict, I’m a binging sugar addict. I tried to start the day off sensibly with a latte, a cheese omelette, and 2 oz. of chicken and duck liver mousse with truffles. That proved to be my first mistake of the day. On their own a cheese omelette and liver and truffle mousse can be tasty things. Together? Let’s just say the first few bites went down smooth, but when my body realized the horrible combination I had created the gag reflex kicked in.

I then began rewriting the two news articles I wrote yesterday. The original copy went out around midnight and today was spent cleaning them up and working with my editor (without whom I could not write actual news) to tweak and add things, like actual facts. My preschooler was home with yet another fever and the dog was obscenely muttering that nobody took her out for a walk. And then there was a knock at the door. I knew this day was coming. It had been on my calendar for weeks. And I thought I would handle it differently than I did.

Two months ago, before I had thought about going on a diet, I had volunteered to be the co-cookie mom for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. A month ago it was decided my house would be the distribution center for girls to pick up their cookie orders. At 1:30 this afternoon 500+ boxes of Girl Scout cookies made their way into my dining room.

Have I mentioned my weakness for Girl Scout cookies? It’s not that they are that much more delicious or special than other cookies. Rather, it is their scarcity that that makes me crave them – those diabolical scouts. Knowing I can only get them one time of year makes the cookies rare and more deliciously valuable. The whole thing is reminiscent of one of those Japanese clothing stores that only carries a handful of crappy Mickey Mouse shirts, thus creating a scarcity so customers race inside to buy them at any price.

My eldest came home from school and asked for a Thin Mint. The chorus was picked up by the youngest. I let them open a box and then was politely offered a cookie. I hesitated only for a moment and then rationalized that one wouldn’t hurt. Hell, I had already made it three weeks. That was my second mistake of the day. That one cookie turned into six or seven Thin Mints. The kids wanted to try a Lemonade cookie and I joined them. That turned into a few Lemonades. After having their fill both kids went upstairs and that’s when my frenzy kicked in.

I walked into the dining room and opened a box of Mango Cremes. I had tried one at a Girl Scout cookie training in Concord in the fall and they tasted and smelled like perfume, something I would have thought disgusting. They were in fact delicious. And that’s when I found myself ripping open a box and inhaling a sleeve. When it was over I felt a momentary flash of guilt and disappointment. So what did I do? I ate the second sleeve.

I’m trying not to beat myself up over this, but if there was any doubt that I could just “treat myself” occasionally that doubt has been removed. I cannot. I should have seen the sugar on the wall when I woke up craving a cinnamon roll today.

Day Twenty Two


What I Wanted to Eat:

– A cinnamon roll

What I Ate:

Cheese Omelette with Chicken and Duck Liver Mousse with Truffles

Cheese Omelette with Chicken and Duck Liver Mousse with Truffles

– Venti latte


What I Wanted to Eat is What I Ate:

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies


What I Wanted to Eat:

– Nothing

What I Ate:

– Remorse

Thanks for Nothing

Thanks for Nothing

Thanks a lot? Thanks for nothing, cookie peddlers!

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