Lobster Pants

I knew it was only a matter of time before I would start seeing that odd New England fashion item that I both (secretly) enjoy and abhor: chinos (long or short) with an embroidered marine life print.  It can also be applied to belts, but the full pant makes a bolder statement.  Today it was lobster pants.  A grown man, walking through the Staples parking lot wearing lobster embroidered shorts!  My day was made.  The fact that he had a tasteful comb-over, a medium shade tan, and was wearing a crisp white button down shirt is to be assumed.  I’m reminded of my family summer day trips to Hyannis as a kid. My brother and I would scour the racks at Puritan Clothing to see who could find the most hideous print.  Navy chinos with bright green whales was a particular favorite.  It’s been eight years – but for a brief visit to Chatham one spring in 2006 – since I have seen this particular brand of Cape Cod couture.

You can go home again.

Update: No, you can’t.  You can never go home.  Apparently, in my absence, grubby little hipsters have embraced the preppy look.  Now I see photos of well styled 20-somethings proudly wearing lobster and whale pants, even sear suckers.  You can’t trust anyone under 30.



    • But of course. I don’t think they were Docksiders, but something like that. Does Bass shoe still exist? I really forgot about the preppy look living away. It was in full force at the first day of school yesterday. I know the town that is single handedly supporting Ralph Lauren for children.

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